Spring 2019

Now that Spring has finally come to the farm, we’re getting excited about the 2019 season.  I’m even looking forward to all the mowing and weeding that needs to be done, because the results are so rewarding!  Hopefully everything comes together with the perfect amounts of sunshine and rain, and that there will be an … Continue reading Spring 2019


We were able to get all the potatoes dug and picked up yesterday afternoon, so we will be open this Saturday, Sep 29 from 10 am to 4 pm if you’d like to come out to buy some.  They are currently in trays and you will be able to fill a bag with potatoes you … Continue reading Potatoes!

Closed…for now

The u-pick for our fruits is finished, and we are officially closed…for now.  We planted vegetables this year, and are eagerly waiting for them to be ready.  Once our potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and cucumbers are arriving in sufficient amounts, we’ll open again. Thanks so much for visiting this website and for those who were … Continue reading Closed…for now

“Bye Saskatoons!”

I always think the season for picking saskatoons is short, but this year has been exceptionally limited. Our first official opening date was July 21.  As usual, I was hesitant to announce for guests to come because I know those first few pickings are rather slow-going (as one is required to select the random ripe … Continue reading “Bye Saskatoons!”

Winding Down?!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but our saskatoon u-pick is almost at an end! I thought for sure we’d be going for at least three weeks, but nature is not cooperating with me this year! We’ll still be open this weekend, so come enjoy the country air, and maybe you can find some sour … Continue reading Winding Down?!

July 29 Update

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new, other than adding the recipe section, so I apologize for that.  The saskatoon picking is getting to its prime time, with clusters of ripe saskatoons hanging for you to pick.  There are definitely less of them this year, but at least we’ve missed the early … Continue reading July 29 Update

Gather Your Picking Pals!

I hope everyone is excitedly calling their friends and family, and planning their excursion out to Sweet Life Saskatoons! The occasional saskatoon is ready now, and the same with our strawberries, but we will need to be patient before we officially open.  I’m always nervous about choosing the opening date, but it’s looking like we’ll be ready … Continue reading Gather Your Picking Pals!

2018 Sweet Life Summer

Obviously, summer isn’t here yet, but with the blossoms just starting to appear on our saskatoons, I can’t help but get excited for summer and start thinking ahead.  This spring we have planted some Valentine Cherries that should produce fruit this summer, and Juliet Cherries that will need some time to grow.  We’ve also added … Continue reading 2018 Sweet Life Summer