2019 Season is Over

We have really enjoyed renewing acquaintances with our returning customers and meeting new ones this year, and we’d like to thank each one who came out to make this saskatoon u-pick season a success.  We appreciate the support, and hope to see you again next year! Continue reading 2019 Season is Over

Saskatoon Season is On!

This picture tells it all:  it is possible to fill your bucket with ripe saskatoons now.  It is still early picking, but we are now open for business!  We will be running the u-pick every day from 9 am until 6 pm.  You don’t need to make an appointment, just come on out, and experience … Continue reading Saskatoon Season is On!

The Waiting Continues

  While it is a “Sweet Life” out here on our farm, and I’m grateful for all the rain we have had this summer (since the last two years were extremely dry), I am becoming a bit grumpy as I impatiently wait for our saskatoons to ripen.  As you can see, picking would be a … Continue reading The Waiting Continues

Still Waiting…

If you are someone who likes to make plans well in advance, I’ll apologize right now!  It appears that I was a bit optimistic in planning to open the u-pick for the weekend of July 27/28.  Our bushes are loaded, even in spite of a hailstorm, but the majority are not ready.  My guess is … Continue reading Still Waiting…

The Anticipation Mounts!

We are so close to saskatoon picking season now, I can hardly wait!  We are hoping that we can open for u-pick next weekend, either the 27th or 28th.  We’ve gotten so much rain that the grass is very lush and green, especially compared to this time last year, and I’m sure the saskatoons have … Continue reading The Anticipation Mounts!