Lost & Found

A lot of things end up getting left behind at Sweet Life Saskatoons, especially in the playground area. If you recognize any of these items as belonging to yourself or a family member, today might be a good day to reclaim them. We will be open from 1-5 pm. Continue reading Lost & Found

Sour Cherries

Mark your calendar… this Sunday, August 30th, we’ll be open from 1-5pm for people to come pick the sour cherries. Remember that we only have two rows, so we’ll have to do a “first come, first served” scenario like we did with the honeyberries earlier this summer. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for a great … Continue reading Sour Cherries


Well that sure didn’t take long! We ran our harvester down the rows the last couple of nights, and each day we completely sold out of the saskatoons we had just collected! There definitely weren’t many this year, so kudos to all of you who successfully filled your buckets! We still plan to be open … Continue reading SOLD OUT!

Hello Again!

Another beautiful Sunday. If you’re looking for something to do today, why not come out and have some family fun at our ‘Sweet Life’ farm? Normally, people come out to relax among on the pleasant rows of saskatoons while they fill their buckets with the flavourful goodness of purple berries. It will be more challenging … Continue reading Hello Again!

And so it continues…

We have been really appreciating all the visitors to our place. It is really fun to hear the laughter and conversations among the rows and around the play area. The saskatoons are gorgeous, and even though they are not as plentiful as in years past and don’t seem to be ripening evenly, that hasn’t seemed … Continue reading And so it continues…

August 10th Update

WHAT A WONDERFUL WEEKEND PAST OF VISITORS PICKING SASKATOONS AND ENJOYING THE OTHER DELIGHTS OF OUR FARM! I wouldn’t say that it was easy picking, but guests were able to fill their buckets and have a good time. We were thrilled with the record number of visitors, and we’re thankful for each one of you. … Continue reading August 10th Update

Mark Your Calendar!

August 8th will be our official u-pick opening day and the days of ‘early-stage picking’ saskatoons will begin! This stage is for those who are eager to taste their first, fresh saskatoons of the season and don’t mind if it takes a bit longer to fill the bucket. From the 8th onwards until the saskatoons … Continue reading Mark Your Calendar!

Sweet Life Picnics

The August long weekend is fast approaching, and our saskatoons are still not quite ready for picking. However, if you enjoy going on outings and would like a place to visit, you are welcome to come out and browse around this coming Sunday and Monday. We have lots of space where you can spread out, … Continue reading Sweet Life Picnics