A Different Summer

It looks like the summer of 2022 will be very different from the one we imagined through the long winter months and the busyness of spring. Our saskatoons don’t have enough fruit on them for us to open the u-pick this summer, and there has been a lot of red tape surrounding our other activities. … Continue reading A Different Summer

Positive Thinking?

I guess it doesn’t matter how positive a person is thinking, if the fruit isn’t there, there’s not much a person can do about it. Unfortunately, our haskaps have been disappearing even faster than I expected and so there won’t be anything much to speak of for the remainder of the weekend. People are still … Continue reading Positive Thinking?

Haskaps (aka Honeyberries)

There is so much green around this summer…quite a contrast to the dry conditions we had last year!  We are so grateful for the moisture, but I’m eager for some heat to come our way now.  Below is a picture from yesterday.  That little bit of almost-purple is encouraging, and we are expecting to open … Continue reading Haskaps (aka Honeyberries)

Greeting the Green

Like many of you, I love the newness of the spring season. It seemed like every day I was eagerly watching for those first green blades of grass and the tiny green leaves beginning to unfurl, and yet they still seemed to take me by surprise. Now, looking over our farm, the overall impression is … Continue reading Greeting the Green

Winding up the U-Pick

Hi! Our harvester is busy shaking the saskatoons off the bushes and as a result, our u-pick is coming to an end. We’ll be open tomorrow, August 7th, and likely Sunday, August 8th as well, but that will be about the end of things. The picking is still pretty easy and there will be lots … Continue reading Winding up the U-Pick

Sour Cherries

You might remember how I was telling you in person or in posts that the sour cherries are usually ready at the tail end of our saskatoon season. Well, surprise! Yesterday we saw this, the beginnings of the early pickings. While the cherries are very small this year, they will still work great for juicing. … Continue reading Sour Cherries

Pre-Picked Saskatoons!

Good news! We ran the harvester down a row and have some pre-picked saskatoons available. You can pick up your fruit anytime between 9am and 6 pm, for the price of $22/4 l bucket. They look nice, and I’m sure you will be happy with them. We still have the u-pick going as well, so … Continue reading Pre-Picked Saskatoons!